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School Field Trip Registration Form

Please read carefully and fill out the form below. Click Submit Form
when complete. Groups must have a MINIMUM of 25 paid student admissions
per reservation in order to book a School Feild Trip.




State Zip




Alternate Email

NOTE: Due to email filters our email confirmations may not be delivered to your school.
Please provide an alternate email address for group confirmations.
Date of Visit:
(First Preference)


(Second Preference)

(Third Preference)

Reservation Time
(Choose One)

IMPORTANT: Tours will begin at the Reservation Time. Consider your transportation time when listing your Reservation Time. If groups arrive late, we will try to schedule all activities if time permits. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your Reservation Time in order to allow for unloading students.

PLEASE NOTE: Groups that arrive at 10:00 AM will participate in 4 out of 5 of the offered activities.

Departure Time (Gross Farms closes at 1:00 PM)
# of Students*
* MUST have a MINIMUM of 25 Paid Student Admissions per reservation in order to book a School Field Trip. NO EXCEPTIONS! Group reservations with less than 25 students will not be accepted.

This number DOES NOT include chaperones or siblings. A minimum of $212.50 will apply to confirmed groups who arrive at the farm and do not meet the minimum of 25 Paid Student Admissions.
# of Teachers

# of Chaperones*
Total Persons

Admission for Students/Chaperones/Parents/Siblings is $8.50 per person.

School Staff ONLY (Teachers, Teacher Assistants, Principals, Directors and Bus Drivers) are admitted FREE.

Will you be eating lunch at the farm?
(Choose One)
Please list any special needs for your group,
including departure time or if there is an
activity that your group does not want to do.
How did you hear about Gross Farms?
Is this your first visit with us?
(Choose One)

Confirmations will be sent to the contact person specified above within 2 business days.
Reservations are subject to availability and groups are not considered registered until a
confirmation email notice is received from Gross Farms.

NOTICE: Norton Antivirus must be temporarily disabled just prior to submitting for successful transmission. Due to school email filters our email confirmations may not be delivered. Please provide an alternate email address for school group email confirmations.



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